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Street Foods

Authentic Street Food ideas from around the world...

Our team of professional development chefs are all well-travelled and passionate about creating first-class, authentic world street foods for a travelling public. All of our Street Foods products are made using the highest quality, authentic ingredients and traditional cooking methods, using a brand new, purpose-built professional development kitchen, complete with a real tandoor and charcoal ovens. This allows us to deliver real, fresh street food flavours, every time.

Our Street Foods range includes:

Example products

Stir fry:

  • Pad Thai
  • Sukiyaki
  • Korean BBQ
  • Indonesian Hot

Curry sauces:

  • Vietnamese Yellow Curry
  • Jungle Red (Thai Red)
  • Jamaican Curry
  • Rendang Curry
  • Thai Green

Intense flavour pouches:

  • Vietnamese Pho Broth Base
  • Intense Vietnamese Tablets
  • Intense Indonesian Tablets
  • Intense Thai Tablets