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Special Diets


Who said Vegetarian food was boring! all of our vegetarian products contain no meat or fish product and are great tasting with it – serve to all of your customers with confidence and the meat eaters amongst them will never know!

Example Products: Caramelised Onion & Red Wine Sauce, Blue Cheese & Bourbon Sauce, Mediterranean Vegetable Sauce, French Onion Soup, Thai Red Curry Sauce, Curry Pastes, Asian Broth Bases, Caesar Dressing,

Nut Allergies

We carefully control nuts and seeds used in our kitchens to ensure that our products don’t have to carry a “may contain traces of nuts” statement and are safe and flavoursome for your customers, whilst practical for your teams

Example Products: Pesto Dressings, Satay Sauces, Asian Dipping Sauces, Curry Pastes