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New Product Development

If this was a government department it would be called ‘The Ministry of Foodies’. That's what they all are in our sterling NPD department. Our foodie chefs have developed over 3000 recipes with in-built ability to go through our factory processes and yours too. Everyone in NPD has been at the sharp end in a hot kitchen, we know the issues, we know about portion control, quality, consistency and speed. We all eat out whenever we can, we watch trends and go and try them out, and we've even been known to smuggle a sauce out of a restaurant in a little round pot for further evaluation. How great is that, to work for a company that lets us out to play in some of the world's finest eateries?

Not that we centre on fine dining... we were the ones responsible for the Premier Inn Purple Sauce that Lenny Henry played with. How cool is Blackberry Purple Sauce to go with your Breakfast? That one started as a half page 'brief' and ended up in 400,000 purple sachets. Take a look at the places we like section on this site and you will see what we mean.

Email us a brief, or call us up and we shall do our level best to apply our cores principals of:

Innovation, Consistency, Labour Saving, Quality, Time Savings, Trust in us.