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The food offer is possibly the most important profit earner of all pubs today and whether you are Gastro or not the offer has to be one of value and quality as this is what the ever more discerning customers are wanting, all the products that are available to hotels and restaurants sit equally well in pub – well would they not. The traditional gravy that goes with roast chicken, Pork, Lamb or roast beef can be portioned the same as any other sauce we make. We offer a range of decorating Coulis with free issue nozzles that can be cut to suit the chosen flow, plate swirls and twirls have never been made so easy and are used by several London Hotels that cater for 1500 or so banqueting diners. If you want to offer Asian or Indian dishes, we have the sauces and pickles and chutneys, Mexican same, Korean the same, Caribbean Jerk BBQ the same. And for those that like a grilled Salmon fillet then what about some Honey & Soy Sauce to go with it and a citrus fruit relish. And finally: our innovation knows few bounds and we make a great line in what we call Little Devil Bloody Spice, add to Vodka and Tomato Juice and you won’t regret it.