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Hotels and Restaurants

We come from hotel and restaurant backgrounds, and as such we know the problems that both room service and banqueting can bring. Offering a guest a room service steak, with a peppercorn sauce is not that easy at 0300hrs. It is really the sauce that is the problem, which is why we make it in the time honoured way in a Bratt pan with same ingredients that any top chef would use (well except he who only uses Knorr), we then package it in individual 80gm sachets and blast freeze. Regen is simple, microwave in the sachet, heat it in a pan of simmering water or decant from the sachet over the cooking steak. Whichever way, it is on the plate in a maximum of 3 minutes. Any sauce can be packaged this way, and we have certainly made a huge difference to both hotels and restaurants who offer pasta and need a cost effective portioned solution in 160gms or similar. Of course we can offer the sauces in bulk and do, Demi-Glace is normally sent out form us in 5 or 10kg containers for instance, as is the Pineapple and Crack Black Pepper Chutney that accompanies a host of banqueting and restaurant terrines. Makes it oh so simple, consistent and with no waste. Wahaca chain of Mexican Street Food Restaurants were founded on sitting down with BD Foods Chefs and arriving at a range of salsa’s and sauces that went across their menu and enabled them to concentrate on expansion and service with smaller kitchens than they would have have had to have built if they were doing it themselves. Exactly the same with a different range of products goes for the Giraffe Group, why have four trained chefs on duty in per shift in each site when you can have 2 and outsource bespoke lines to BD Foods – it’s what we do, consistency and known costings and no waste, and bespoke it our strong point we have a team of chefs in NPD for this very purpose.