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When MasterChef winner Thomasina Miers decided to open a Mexican restaurant in London’s Covent Garden, she knew it made sound business sense to make the most of the selling space available to her. Covent Garden rents are high and she recognised that it would be more cost-effective for her to have as many tables as possible, and to reduce her kitchen space and the amount of chefs she required. The skills she required from her chefs were in producing brilliantly prepared meats, fishes and poultry and dish assembly, and not in the time-consuming process of making salsas, sauces and marinades. We’ve helped take the pressure off with our Del Fuego range working with her by ‘bespoking’ to her own recipe to a standard expected of a MasterChef winner. She now has three restaurants, shortly opening a fourth and knows she can rely on us to help her business grow.