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A day in the life of Sue Kitchen: Technical Manager

A day in the life of the common technical manager (commune technica procurator)

The common technical manager can be found at 6am each morning on her way to B D Foods where she will spend the day foraging for ways of improving the company procedures, practices and systems of working. She is ever alert for signs of danger such as non-conforming products and practices or gaps in training that need to be addressed. She is often approached by customers and suppliers from far off places such as Birmingham or Leeds who require her assistance and technical knowledge. As a friendly soul she will freely give this.
She works very closely with other species such as NPD (a creative bunch), purchasing (they roam far and wide) and production (a highly skilled and well trained group) to make sure that everything coming in and out of the factory is of great quality and is safe and compliant with all relevant legislation. She is the ‘gate keeper’ of the BD Foods jungle.

The common technical manager is often called upon to spend large periods of time with external auditors (externum auditores) to ensure the company is complaint against BRC and customer own audits standards.

The life of the technical manager can be demanding but is satisfying and a great way to spend the day and it is certainly never dull (although less nerdy people may disagree!).