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A day in the life of Sarah Williams: Head Business Development Chef

A typical day in my role as Head of Development is anything but typical………

Every day is different, especially when we have such a large and diverse range of products.
I could be making a chutney in the morning, followed by a gravy, 2 soups and a jelly and then in the afternoon move onto Caribbean dips and Korean broths! This is what makes my job so exciting and rewarding and I relish the thought of what each day could bring.

Being Innovative and creative is what I enjoy most so the role is perfect for me as most days I get to experiment and create magic in the kitchen! Just like when I was a little girl with ‘my first kitchen’ only I get paid to do it now!

Heading up a team of foodies is great as we all bounce ideas off each other and look for ideas wherever we go, whether it be the supermarket, food shows, holidays or just chatting to our customers. You can find inspiration in your surroundings most of the time and that can always be translated into something amazing.