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Places we don't like

Fagopotion.taverna, Agios Stephanos, East Coast Corfu

The owner ruins it, seriously does....

It is such a shame that this Taverna has such an overbearing money grabbing owner who almost press gangs you off the street or the water to eat there. There are are a small handful of tavernas in this great little 'village' but only one with a chap with a large paunch who almost takes over your menu choices when you get seated at a table.

He really doesn't need to do this at all, his taverna has a position to die for, right on the waterfront along with the others but he strangely has the attitude that all who go there should be 'fleeced'.

We were joining some friends who texted us to say where they were, so we went there but had to get past this owner man to get in there so intent was he on getting us 'in there' he just didn't listen that we were going there anyways to join friends who we could see sat down.

The fun started when he came to take our orders, basically he overrode our choices of starters and said he would bring us a selection, well OK we thought we would go with this as he really didn't give us an option and some tasters quickly arrived which we thought were the starters but they weren't. The starters then arrived and when they did we got huge quantity of small plates enough for double our table size of 6. None were great at all and came with large amounts of salad - most were left.

The menu is basic and very ordinary and as a main course I ordered the beef stifado which came with spaghetti instead of the vegetables and roast potatoes that I ordered. I queried this, the owner who by this time had a name: 'call me Christos', had decided that I was better with spaghetti and not what I ordered. I was given no option but to take what he had ordered for me.

I left most of my main, dry and tasteless and the spaghetti under done and I complained to Christos the owner who offered me Ouzo in compensation which I declined.

We declined deserts and just asked for coffee, whilst having coffee he brought us some Orange Cake and left it on our table. It wasn't touched.

And then the bill, well wow and golly, he billed us for the tasters, and the deserts, none of which we ordered and I refused to pay for them and was prepared to 'make a scene'. He accepted this after a few strong words much to my surprise, I paid cash.

Such a shame, he has some great staff and has a taverna in a great position - he really doesn't need to do this stuff at all, the others don't and are the busier for it.

His staff, my opinion, hate the way he operates - whenever a boat comes near he either goes to the end of the pontoon himself or cajoles a staff member to go and 'catch' them - reminded us of The Child Catcher in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Great position, ruined by the owner so beware and I would never but never go near it again as long as he is there.

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The Chinese Delight, Frodsham

Swags and tails, red dragons, flock wallpapers, lanterns, pond and even a stream: should I get my rod out and catch my feed?

I suppose we should have known to look at the menu before reserving a table as it read like war and peace and to do all of this properly then you would need a brigade as big as a Chinese town. Much like the initial take a ways that came to our shores in the early 1970's.

What can I say, other than 'don't go there', the sauces are cloyingly sweet and nasty, the Soy Sauce on the table has never seen a vintage year, the meats are tasteless and the noodles plain dry and tough.

We left the vast majority of it all, never asked why by the waiter clearing.

But clearly it makes money, as spending all that money on some of the most awful bad taste d├ęcor I have ever seen shows that it does. But I say, spend it on chefs, on quality ingredients and the odd smile or two.